2009 Zimbabwe National Budget

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2009 Zimbabwe National Budget

Find attached the link to the 2009 Zimbabwe National Budget as presented on 29 January 2009 by the Acting Minister of Finance, Senator P. Chinamasa.

Salient statistics:

  • Total budget size: US$1.9 billion;
  • Projected revenue inflow of US$1,7 billion while an additional $200 million from external partners;
  • US$1.45 billion will be directed towards recurrent expenditure;
  • Balance will fund capital projects;
  • US$157.8 million allocation to the health sector;
  • US$149.8 million allocated to the Ministry of Education for the construction and rehabilitation of schools and procurement of teaching material and equipment;
  • US$47.4 million allocated to tertiary institutions for recurrent and capital projects.

» 2009 Zimbabwe National Budget (Pdf format)

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