Chanakira Raises Country Flag High

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Chanakira Raises Country Flag High

Kingdom Meikles Africa Holdings Limited chief executive Mr Nigel Chanakira raised Zimbabwe’s flag high here when he was on Wednesday night awarded the World Economic Forum on Africa Circle Status in recognition of his business acumen and active involvement in the forum over the last 10 years.

Makoni consult managing director Dr Simba Makoni also received the award. The World Economic Forum on Africa is a forum through which governments, business, civil society and multilateral institutions meet to deliberate on socio-economic and political issues concerning the continent.

Mr Chanakira joined the grouping of international experts 10 years ago as a Young Global Leader. In an interview yesterday, Mr Chanakira said he had benefited immensely from the networking and exposure afforded him through the forum. “As a Young Global Leader this forum has given me great exposure to Africa and it is through this exposure that my colleagues and I have developed as business leaders. “I have also benefited immensely as a cross-border investor operating across four African countries these include; South Africa, Botswana, Malawi and Zimbabwe.

I believe that through this forum there are solutions that we as Zimbabweans can derive from experiences in other nations that have gone through some of the challenges we are facing.”

“Young entrepreneurs and business leaders could also benefit from the exposure and networking opportunities in their quest to become successful in their respective spheres of influence,” Mr Chanakira also added . With the world fast turning into a global village, it was critical that entrepreneurs be exposed to international standards of doing business. Increased competition in markets demanded that entrepreneurs were kept abreast of the fast-changing global arena.

“It includes networking, exposure, experience and knowledge that one can derive from the forum,” said Mr Chanakira. Mr Chanakira said despite the current socio-economic challenges back home, Zimbabwe remained a relevant part of Africa and the world at large and could benefit immensely from such gatherings, which it could also use to defend its position.

The forum, which began here on Wednesday, will be ends today.

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