Meikles gets thumbs up from leading hotels

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Meikles gets thumbs up from leading hotels

MEIKLES Hotel has received thumbs up from The Leading Hotels of the World grouping in a recent inspection for consistency in all spheres of its operations, which boosted Zimbabwe’s tourism industry.

Meikles Hotel has been a member of The Leading Hotels of the World group for 12 years. As part of this membership all member hotels must undergo frequent inspections of all guest facilities and amenities. Mystery guests carry out these inspections.

To remain within LHW, member hotels must achieve a minimum of 72 percent in their overall marks each year. Meikles Hotel was awarded 83,7 percent in its recent inspection.

“This inspection result is further confirmation of the standing the hotels have within the world of travel and tourism and provides encouragement for management and staff to continue to maintain and improve standards where possible,” said Roy Meiring, chief executive of Meikles Africa Hotels.

Victoria Falls Hotel also a member of LHW and is operated by a partnership between African Sun and Meikles Africa Hotels was awarded 82,8 percent.

The commendation is also a boost to the country taking into consideration the current economic and social challenges, he added.

“The situation within the environment in which the hotel under inspection operates is not taken into consideration, so it is all the more pleasing for our hotels to do so well against a backdrop of a great many continued ongoing local challenges at present,” Mr Meiring.

Membership of LHW gives hotels a range of operational and marketing benefits and opportunities and confirms their status as being among the best hospitality establishments in the world.

“The report presented after the inspection showed that, despite the many problems faced by the Zimbabwean hospitality industry, the hotel has been able to maintain and even build on already high standards in various operational areas.

This has a direct impact on its reputation (Zimbabwe’s) and standing in the travel and tourism sector worldwide”.

Dining venues within the hotels received particularly high marks in the 2008 inspections. Meikles Hotel’s principal restaurant — La Fontaine Grill Room — which celebrates its 50th anniversary later this year — received a remarkable 94,7 percent grading, while the Victoria Falls Hotel’s Livingstone Room received 92,6 percent.

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