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MEIKLES Limited notice to Shareholders

In the interests of the Group, the Meikles Limited (“Company”, “ML”) Board has so far exercised patience and restraint in response to the recent unauthorized “public announcements” of members of the Board of Kingdom Financial Holdings Limited
(“KFHL”) and persons who are not members of the Board of KFHL. These unauthorized announcements were, amongst other things, made without the permission or prior knowledge of KFHL’s sole shareholder ML, or the ML Board. The ML Board can no longer remain silent. The ML Board has now requested the KFHL Board to comply with certain corporate formalities in terms of both the Companies Act and the Banking Act to ensure the de-merger is legally implemented. These requirements were formally communicated to the Board of KFHL by ML. The relevant authorities have been consulted and notified of the ML Board’s stance in this matter. The urgent response of the KFHL Board is awaited.

Shareholders are further advised that no capital restructuring of KFHL can take place without the formal approval of ML (as the sole shareholder of KFHL) in a general meeting of KFHL and compliance with certain other corporate and regulatory
formalities. None of these formalities have been complied with.

Shareholders are further advised that statements made by the KFHL Board or other unauthorized third parties cannot bind ML, the ML Board, or its shareholders. The only official announcements by ML concerning the affairs of ML must emanate from the ML Board. The ML Board disassociates itself from any other statements concerning actions and intentions of the ML Group, including the recent purported public announcements of members of the KFHL Board and others.

Shareholders will be advised of future developments.

By order of the Board

30 June 2010

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