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The main activities of the Group span into agriculture, hotels and retail trading. Retail trading includes department stores and supermarkets.

The Meikles Group

The operating businesses of Meikles Limited together now form one of the leading retail and hotel groups in Zimbabwe comprising:

Meikles Hotels in Zimbabwe operates Meikles Hotel, and in partnership with African Sun Limited, the Victoria Falls Hotel. It strives to attain its stated goal of being “the leading hospitality and retail group” in Zimbabwe.

Situated in the central business district, Meikles Hotel is the premier 5-star hotel in Harare. The hotel building is a freehold property owned by Meikles. Meikles Hotel has 288 rooms, 30 suites, six restaurants, a swimming pool and gymnasium. Meikles Hotel is primarily a business traveller hotel, though the clientele mix includes leisure travellers.

The Victoria Falls Hotel is operated on a joint venture basis with African Sun Limited, with the property leased from the Merged Railways Properties. Situated in the Victoria Falls, the hotel has 160 rooms.

The stores portfolio has three outlets located in some main urban centres of Zimbabwe which trade under the well-known brands of Barbours and Meikles.

Our Brands

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Group Structure

Note: TM Supermarkets (Private) Limited has the following 100% owned subsidiaries : Are You Looking Investments (Private) Limited, Bushnell Investments Services (Private) Limited, Cambuild Investments (Private) Limited, Kelview Investments (Private) Limited, Ebony Properties (Private) Limited, National Meats (Private) Limited, Osterland Investments (Private) Limited, Petria Properties (Private) Limited, Proposal Investments Services (Private) Limited, Ringsmoke Investment (Private) Limited and Strove Enterprises (Private) Limited.