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TM Supermarkets is part of the retail arm of Meikles Limited is one of the leading Food and Grocery retail brand in Zimbabwe according to independent market research.

We are TM Supermarkets

Since its inception in March 1978, TM Supermarket has grown and currently comprises of a branch network of 52 stores country wide. The store formats range from convenient small supermarkets to Hypermarkets, with Borrowdale and Hyper in Harare and Bulawayo respectively, being the biggest branches.

The supermarket chain also has Pick n Pay of South Africa as a shareholder with a 49% stake.

From its inception, TM Supermarkets has gained significant experience in the FMCG, and has become one of the most trusted retail brands in Zimbabwe. With its pay off line “Real Value Always” customers are offered a shopping experience in clean stores where they get a wide range of groceries at competitive prices.

Our customers always look for bargains and TM always meet this expectation hence the reason why it is the biggest and the most preferred retail chain in Zimbabwe.

With its spread, TM Supermarkets draws its customer base from low end to upper end across the whole country and is the most preferred channel by suppliers for their products.

TM maintains strictly a professional relationship with its valued suppliers, and acts in the best interest of its customers, as such it has gained advantage over its competitors by being the most preferred channel by both Suppliers and customers.

TM Supermarkets is managed by a team with vast experience in retail and this has helped in building strong relationships with suppliers, customers and all other stakeholders.

TM Supermarkets acknowledges that for it prosper, it has to work closely with the society and as such, it supports the less privileged through various charitable organization country wide where it is represented, thereby promoting the culture of compassionate and responsible corporate citizenship.

Our employees will be professional and honesty in their dealings with all our stakeholders. TM Supermarkets seeks to provide a stimulating and safe environment for all stakeholders. In this context, TM Supermarkets believes and acknowledges that good sustainability practice equates to responsible business practice, and that a well managed company is motivated to act responsibly.

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Spread across the country, TM Supermarkets draws its customer base from low end to upper end countrywide, and is the most preferred channel by suppliers for their products. Find a TM Supermarket in an area near you or contact any of our branches.

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