Meikles Centar Mining (MCM)

MCM is a joint venture between Meikles Ltd. and CENTAR Ltd., formed to be a leading Indigenous Mining, Exploration and Resource Value-Added company in Zimbabwe.

Pillars of commitment


Through Beneficiation (from Study to Choice to Build). Advancing National Development by Maximizing the Production Value Chain Rooted at the Local Level


Financing Support of Small Scale Miners and Ensuring 51% Indigenous ownership. Maximizing Indigenous Participation and Promotion of Youth Development


Through Rejuvenation of the Zimbabwean Mining Industry. Building Local Technical Skill Base through Comprehensive Training, Upward Advancement and Promotion from within


Through Initial Start-Up Direct Foreign Investment Into Various Sectors of the Zimbabwean Mining Industry. Investing in New Industry Technology to Maximize Productivity


Leading by Example to Directly and Indirectly Maximize the Benefits to the Government of Zimbabwe. Through Professionalism, Efficiency and High Productivity


And the Future of Its Mining Industry and Natural Resources Sector. Preserving Zimbabwe’s National Mining Heritage through Responsible Stewardship of its Minerals, Environment and Communities

About Meikles Centar Mining (Private) Limited

A new company named Meikles Centar Mining (Private) Limited was formed. This company is 51% controlled by Meikles, ensuring that the entity is compliant with the Zimbabwe Indigenisation and Empowerment laws.

Centar is a mining company founded by Ian Hannam and Jan Kulczyk and supported by a number of prominent and highly experienced investors from countries including Thailand, Indonesia, Poland, Kazakhstan and elsewhere. It was founded initially to develop mining assets in Afghanistan in partnership with a highly respected Afghan businessman.

It is leading the way in the development of that country’s mining industry as it emerges from years of conflict, using foreign and Afghan capital, foreign technical experts and Afghan staff.

Its Afghan businesses employ over 500 local staff, supported on the ground at any one time by 15 ex-pat technical experts – the majority of whom are Zimbabwean nationals.

These businesses include Afghanistan’s only Drilling and Exploration Services Company and Afghanistan’s only Mineral Assay laboratory.

It also includes an exploration company that is now exploring a gold prospect in the north of the country as well as being short-listed in a government tender as the preferred candidate to explore and develop 2 copper exploration licenses, and a Joint Venture with a Turkish Mining Company that has itself been short-listed to develop 4 more gold exploration licenses there.

Centar has a carefully selected in-house technical team, with years of experience in exploration and mining of most minerals in many different countries in the world. This includes the requisite experience to develop projects at every stage of the mining life cycle, and in all environments. It is also a proven leader in drawing upon or building local capacity and skills as a core part of its method of operation. They are also supported by an experienced finance and commercial team with a long and successful track record of financing worldwide mining projects of every scale. They work with the Meikles team to develop identified opportunities in gold, tantalite and iron ore.