Meikles Guard Services

Meikles Guard Services (MGS) brings 18 years of security management experience in the international arena to Zimbabwe.

Our Objective

  • To provide security solutions using cutting-edge technology and highly trained and well equipped manpower.

Our Goals

  • To achieve 100% provision of the Meikles Group security requirements
  • To become employer of choice – number 1 in the Security sector
  • 100% delivery of agreed customer service standards
  • Broaden the spectrum by providing security services outside the Group

Our Services

  • Security manpower in the form of military type patrols as well as access control sentries using static and mobile security guards all equipped with radios
  • Rapid reaction unit in vehicles that are fitted with radios
  • Specialized covert close protection unit
  • 24-hour communications and a Special Operations Response Team for any threatening situation
  • Replacement of any guard after being notified of a problem or emergency within 30 minutes at the management’s discretion

A leader in Zimbabwean Security Services

MGS is a leader in Zimbabwean Security Services and a provider of complete security solutions – including domestic, commercial and executive protection.

MGS provides sports and event security, security training, security consulting, threat assessment, political and investment analysis, risk management and crisis training and specialises in the provision of fully trained, vetted and qualified personnel.

Two of MGS’ directors have been in the security industry for over 15 years, with the Managing Director possessing over 30 years experience in the security, investigations, and the protection field, whilst the MGS Field Manager headed security contracts in Afghanistan.

Meikles Guard Services provides security services to the Meikles Limited Group businesses – namely TM and Pick n Pay Supermarkets countrywide, the Meikles Hotel, The Victoria Falls hotel, Meikles Stores and Tanganda Tea Company.

Our Service Areas

A number of MGS senior staff members have been involved in International security contracts in the middle and Far East. All personnel are assessed on a regular basis by the MGS Field Manager ensuring unsurpassed service to meet MGS’ clients’ expectations.

Meikles Guard Services employ highly trained and professionally dedicated officers to service its market in the following areas:

Consulting services offered in a variety of specialized areas
Reduce inventory loss and shrinkage
Theft, fraud and others
This entails two fundamental elements; the probability of an event occurring and the likely loss should it occur. MGS assists with minimizing threats to its clients’ organizations
Identify potential high risk areas and advise client how to minimize exposure. Most qualitative risk analysis methodologies make use of a number of interrelated elements such as Threats, Vulnerabilities and Controls. MGS produces plans to limit the effect of any threat, as well as providing training and reaction plans in the advent of a crisis. The company offers security and advisory services to protect client’s strategies and operations
Access control, traffic control on foot or in vehicles and public relations
Protection of VIP’s in the business world as well as expatriates and diplomats. MGS supplies a meet and greet and protection service with overt or covert operators
Specific City Risks Recommended travel options based on current threats to safety and security in the specific city, and providing standard travel information and emergency contacts
Security for events which require a large number of guards/officers for short periods of time including liaison with local Police and other branches of the security organizations